lapa capital

Growth Equity

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what we do

We invest in companies focused on increasing overall productivity, health & well-being and regulatory compliance.

We look for established solutions (i.e. tested and deployed) and businesses facing an inflexion point on its growth trajectory.

We leverage our relationships globally to help our partners expand their network globally.

We focused mainly on companies operating at or near financial profitability.

how we invest

Our companies are solving real problems and creating long-term value.


  • Hands off and helpful
  • Experience and accretive relating to governance
  • Close relationship to board and/or management
  • Introductions to management i.e. talent, M&A, and commercial
  • Deep network in U.S., Europe, and Latam, help companies expand abroad

Target Companies

  • ARR > $2M (ideally)
  • EBITDA positive or clear path
  • High recurrency, low customer concentration
  • Sensible unit economics
  • Scalable business model
  • Ideally novel & disruptive, but consider defensible legacy

Preferred Sectors

We are sector agnostic, but we actively originate in:

  • Healthcare & Well-being
  • Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise Software
  • Innovative Consumer Products
  • Regulatory Compliance

Investment Philosophy

  • Management teams
  • Opportunistic and sector-agnostic
  • Target companies addressing real problems
  • Main verticals: enterprise productivity, health & well-being, regulatory compliance, and preservation of the environment
  • Realistic TAM, product roadmap
  • Post product-market fit
  • At or near cashflow breakeven

Selected Portfolio